Thursday, 3 September 2015

What do they do
My aspiration in the future is to be  a boxer I would have to train every day to get stronger  and more filter so I can win more fights if you don't win you will not be good at fighting when you box they will never chair on they will chair for the other guys  but if you win   every match up to the finals they will always chair for you and not the other players .
What do they wear

They wear a black pants and no teacher and boxing gloves but mostly they need a mouth guard so none of their teeth will falls out because if it does they will have no teeth and it will be easy to beat them up so that why you're gonna need a mouthguard.But watch out for bodies jabs they have no fist because someone might  punch someone eyes and then they will need to go to the hospital

why do you want to do this job

I want to be a boxer so i can be the world champion so i can box other players  

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