Wednesday, 25 November 2015


One early morning  on Friday the whole school had athletics day and we had to split up  into 4 groups.   The groups were blue red yellow and green. The  yellow group  always comes first because of Kurtas. When it was my turn I was so nervous my was pounding. When the clapper went I burst off running. Then when the siren rang we had to rotate our next activity was high jump.

At high jump you have to jump so high and land over the pole. I concentrated to run on the spots and onto the mattress. Kurtas, Awathan and Leiite made It into the finals. When Kurtas jumped up high it was like he was a bird. When Awthan did not make it he was still happy because he tried his best. Leiite didn't make it as well . Kurtas came first, Awathan came second and Leiite cam third. I felt so happy .

Jaylim Museum trip

On Friday the 20th of November Room 11 and 12 went to the Auckland Museum.  I had Mrs Stikland to show us around.

I liked the volcanos and the dinosaurs but my favourite part was seeing the dinosaur bones.  The man made out of ashes looked like he had jumped into lava, It wasn't real it was fake.

The dinosaurs were so big I saw a velociraptor and a ankylosaurus but mostly i was scared of the tyrannosaur Rex . The ankylosaurus looks just like it  does in the  movies, so does  the velociraptor and  tyrannosaurus.  Then we had to go to this room where we learn about about how dinosaurs protected themselves .

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Era: cretaceous period
Size:  6 pounds
Diet: Canaveral
Other features: It lived up to 85 millions years ago   6m tall 12 m long and 6 tons the biggest predator
the Tyrannosaurus and tyrannosaurus it was even bigger then a t rex  he gos to the forest to hunt
herbals the t Rex can eat  500 pounds or bonus in one bite and it can run fast and it bones was so

wow it was walking it can hold it tail up wow it was walking it had a huge head that had and it draw
1.2 feet long   it troth was a size of a banana  one tooth was 13 inches and some of it teeth is dull  the arms.
A 3 feet long it false are found Montana taxes and many  other places   a powerful dinosaur starts little but end up big  the t Rex rules the world a small t Rex can get eaten by a Canaveral can eat it.
Eyes are for times better than our ones the t Rex has the best  smell of any animals that came  to earth .  

non stop crickiet

Last week on Wednesday room 11 and 12 went outside on the school field to play non stop i liked non stop  cricket because when I hit the ball so furiously and it went soaring state threw  the air and then i was sprinting so hard when i finished  running i was gasping for breath  because i got 50 runs.

And then we had to switch over and i was  a fielder and when Kurt-as hit the ball i chased it with all my speed so did William  but when we grabbed the ball we dined each other heads so then i let him have the ball.