Tuesday, 15 September 2015

cross country

on Monday after lunch the pt England school went to their class and then their teacher took them to cross country. At last it was year 4 boys but first it went year 1 boy and then the year 1 girls and  2 boy and girls and then it went to year 3 boy and girls and then at last it was  year 4 boys turn but Mr Burt told us that we we're not gonna follow any one so then we all lined up. Then Mr Burt said on your marks get set go and off went the clapper. We all sprinted off at the first turn every bodied got slowed down but when we were out the gate I gasped for breath but at the start I was super jittery and nervous but at the first turn mus splattered up my legs and some newel went up my pants and back but I was steel determination to win but I was doing a steady jog and even burst for speed to beat William .

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