Monday, 21 September 2015

immersion assembli

On Monday we had our  first day back at school.  After the second bell rang we had an assembly to welcome us  back to school.  It was so long and we were so tired  but it was but then it started to get fun when and it was in the hall

first  team 1 had a chocolate and money scramble it was so cool because Loene got a chocolate and  some money

Team 3 were all about ice cream .

But team 3 was about cowboys and builder policemen and that is the end of team 3.  

“Now it's time for team five,” said Mr Burt. What team five was all about was being financially responsible and the actors were Mr Barks and mr Wiseman and there 3 other  teacher to the assemble  was all about what our topic is for this year

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