Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Into the cave

Once a upon a time there was a little kid named Jordan and he went on a trip With his Mum and Dad. so then they got some food and bodies of l&p and water so they got out of the car and when they went to the toilets they saw a little hole  and they went to go check it out so they climbed down into the cave.

So they carried on walking and when they got out of the cave the ate all their food they found. On the other side of the cave Some  water was made out of chocolate, and the trees was made out of spice chich, and the grass was made out of chocolate and the stikes were made out of french fries so then we went to go pick up the other family and we made a little house.  Son_Doong_Cave_5.jpg

Monday, 17 October 2016

The little boat

Start Writing Here:  Once upon a time Jay lim and  Diner o wanted to go fishing. So then they asket their mums and dads and they said yes.  But there mums said  only if the mums and dads go so then we got our boat and went off to go fishing.

So when we got they to the pacific ocean the got  the fishing rods out of the van they set off and then we cast our rods and waited.  And then after two hours we cot three chili bins filled to the max with some snapper .

But then out of nowhere I pulled up a big hammerhead shark and when  I relded it in it broke a bit of the boat but luckily a big wave came and pushed us back to shyer.