Thursday, 30 November 2017

camp benzon writing

Have you ever been to kawau island? Well All year 6’s from Pt England School went There For Camp. It was the best Camp i've ever  been to. We went to kawau island on tuesday morning. It was so tiring to wake up so early, but it was worth it. on Tuesday morning we were waiting for people to come in the hall. 2 minutes later they finally come, that means we get to leave on the bus.

We Put every thing we need on the bus and hopped on. Off we went. It was a 2 hour drive. hours to get to Mansion where the ferry stops. We waited for the ferry to come. Minutes later the ferry arrived. We hopped on and sat down on the seats . The sad thing was that I didn't get to go upstairs on the top view so i had to sit down stairs. We arrive at kawau island we see the beautiful beach. And the first night there me and Tevarihi, and Lorenzo.  couldn't sleep so we just waited for the horn to wake us up.

The next day we had to wake up at 7.00. It was so early! When we got up we put on our shoes and assembled on the volleyball court. We learnt about the run and ran off and followed our teachers. It was so hard because we were running up hill so when we got to the top we had to run down hill.

On day three the last day it was so fun because everyone just played games and jumped off the pantune but this time the water was so deep no one can touch the ground so for our safety everyone in the water had to wear a life jacket. So when it came to my turn in the water me and my friends were swimming even when it was cold.

I would like to thank all the helpers for making this possible we couldn't of done it without u well until next time bye.       

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

jaylim immersion assembly

On Monday the 16 of October the start of term 4 it was a cloudy day and every one came to the hall for an immersion assembly. The assembly is something where the entire school comes to see what we are doing and what is the theme for term 4 we chose a different one every year.

The school theme is musical madness which is about music and my team might be making our own drums and musical items like a guitar this term is going to be so fun. The other team is going to be making some songs of their own like making a new beat and a new lyrics they are so lucky.  

The team 4 movie was so funny they were in a car driving around and the teachers switched seats and switched songs it went from rock to jazz and frozen to hip hop it is so cool i can't wait for the items we are about to do.

I hope to learn about all of the other musical instruments and all of the different songs threw out the year like 1988 to 2017 how do they change like do they go to reggae to hip hop to slow dancing songs who knows.

I think that this is my best term i have ever had i can't wait until i am year 7 it is going to be so cool can’t wait if u want more writing i would love for u to check my blog i will see u next time buy.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Team 4 trip

Walt Team 4 trip

Paste in full here On Thursday 4th of September my Team was going to Star Dome. There was 2 groups the morning groups and the afternoon groups and I was in the morning  group, There were 5 groups and 5 helpers, We were at school. We got there on a bus 10 min early. We were with Mr Goodwin, Mr Goodwin’s Mum, Mr Goodwin’s step dad, Miss Parrant and Sam and miss nua . All of the planets, solar system, stars, how big and small the planets are.The park was so cool there was a little house and a flying fox it was just like a police and fire engine park  and inside of star dome there was planets made out of Lego and then we went into the dome Mr Goodwin’s step dad said to me ”Do you know why they call it star dome?” and I said “No why?” and he said “We are in a dome and they are going to show stars on the dome.” There was a cool shop in the entrance.  there I saw a alien I learned that there was rocky planets and dwarfs plant and midget plant and Mars is Earth’s closest neighbor. We can often see it in the sky without binoculars or a telescope. Earth is the 3rd rock from the sun and you have only ever seen one side of the moon, the moon isn’t made of cheese the surface of the moon is made of rock, a bit like that found on earth basalt anorthosites and briefcase. Mars is approximately 228 million km from the sun and has a diameter of about 6,800 km. Light from the sun takes more than 8 minutes to reach earth 40 minutes to reach jupiter and 17 hours to get to the edge of the solar system the sun’s core is about 15,700,000 degrees celsius. The sun has 99% of the total mass of the solar system. Planets are the stuff leftover from making the sun, no one in the hole world have ever been farrer than Mars. Jupiter is approximately 778 million km from the sun Jupiter has at least 63 moons. When Venus is visible is the night sky the only abject brighter in the sky is the moon. One year on Mercury is only 88 Earth days long. Neptune is the planet furthest from the sun it’s a remote 4,497 million km away Saturn is a gas giant just like Jupiter. Uranus is 2,871 million km from the sun, You can’t see Neptune with the naked eye so it was discovered after the moons of Jupiter which are very small but closer. On 20 july 1969 Neil Armstrong made history by walking onto the moon he was the first person to do that and Earth is the only planet not named after a God. So I learned a lot of things that day and you should go visit star dome one day and look at all the cool stuff it will be an exciting adventure .

Thursday, 29 June 2017

whats for dinner?

In the evening I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door, and Who Do I see!?!? Pete, and manu from my kitchen rules! What a surprise I didn't know this would happen. They told me to cook 3 dishes tonight. I get all my cooking ingredients to make the perfect three course meal. I decided to cook spaghetti and meatballs  with hidden veg sauce inside. I finally get started on my first dish. I get my sausage meat for my meatballs, and Squeeze all the sausage meat out of the sausage skins into a large bowl and add the mince. Tip all the rest of the meatball ingredients, except the olive oil, into the bowl and season with black pepper then squish everything together through your hands until completely mixed. I then Roll the meatball mix into walnut-sized balls and place them on a plate. Then it is time to cook them. While I am cooking the main I need to make the entree which will be garlic bread.

To make the garlic bread  first I had to wash my hand and the ingredients you will need is. You will need to mix butter garlic and some parsley in a bowl and spread it over the cut bread halves Sprinkle over the Parmesan. Just before serving place on a baking sheet, then cook under a hot grill for 5 minutes till it is tossed but lightly golden and i took it out to pet and manu they thought it was the best in my kitchen rules

swimming lesson

Have You ever swam with your school? While This is a recount of our school swimming weeks. We Got To Swim for 3 weeks non Stop swimming I love it.

We went Swimming  at 12:00. After morning tea  We Get Our Togs Ready And Then Have Lunch. After That We Got to Play So Miss scanlan Calls Us On The Speaker. At 1:45 We Line Up for Swimming.

We learnt how to get in  safely and keep warm and how to stay above the water so we don't drown so we learnt what can stay above the water and stuff that can not stay above they just sink. The things that can stay above the water is life jackets and thing that sink is rooks.

I think I was Better at the end then the start. It Is Because After the last swimming day for school i went to the pools, and tested out my skills.  We Learned about safety Stuff every day.

Thank you miss vaafusuaga For making this for us. Also Thank you life guards for teaching us how to swim like a pro. I now know how to swim.

I enjoyed the last day because we got to do frontflips. We also got to float for help. We Know How To do safe things around water places.