Tuesday, 24 March 2015

motat trip

class 11 and 12  went to motat last week on a drizzly monday morning we were going to learn about old and new inventions we took a ride on old bumpy school bus when class 11 and 12 arrived at motat  we waited in the waiting room for Kathrene to give us our rules.  Then we got split up  in to 3 groups to start our day.We had a chance to explore motat we went  to the earthquake cafe  it  shook very, very hard. I felt so scared.

Friday, 20 March 2015


On a very beautiful day class 11 and 12  went to motat to have a very great day to learn about inventions My farit pat was the mirror maze because  it was very fun because  i cape scring pepole. lulckele i ded not bup peloe
and  about old things.
waited patiently for Kathrine our educator to explain our rules.