Friday, 24 March 2017

New Zealand Native Birds

WALT: To write about birds and how to protect them in our environment  
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The Chatham Island black robin is found in the Chatham Islands of New Zealand. It is a small songbird and is completely black. They are a critically endangered bird as there aren't many left. It is important that if we go and visit them that we dont take pests with us and make die out. Humans can be a threat to these birds

why trees are imported

Room eight are learning about the environment. At Pt England school we are learning about Te Tao o Tamika for term 1. We all need to look after the trees because they provide us with food like apples and bananas and also provide us with oxygen to breathe.

We destroyed 80% of the trees each year in the forest so we all lose oxygen and lose a whole lost of food we need to plant more trees and if we do we will have lots of oxygen and food.

Trees are important because they can give us oxygen and food if there was no trees there would be no oxygen and food like apple,and banana.

Same time it is good to cut down trees for people to write and read on so we all can learn and have many so we all can have a lost of food and paper.

Same people plant trees so we all can live and have a lost of oxygen so we all should save all of the trees or we would die.

Here you will need to conclude what you have been writing about in the earlier paragraphs. No new information should be added here you will need to summarise what you have been discussing here.

Monday, 20 March 2017

plastic fantastic


water worries fact sheet

Kiwana fact sheet

Year 5 & 6 Camp

Last week at Pt England we had our year 5 and 6 camp, it was so fun. Our camp was at school where we camped in tents on the school field. It was super windy but it made it more exciting. I was chosen to be a camp leader, which meant I was in charge of my group. It was called the principals.

In our camp groups we did lots of activities like biking and lots of eating and even dancing. We even got to go kayaking at Pt England beach with Mr Burt. My favourite part of kayaking was when one of the boys jumped on Daisy's kayak and tipped her out. 

As a group we had to create a dance for the final night of camp, we had a competition. Each group needed to create a dance and include everyone in their group. Our song that we were given for our item was "I got a feeling" by! First of all we listened to the song and got some ideas from just dance. We then practiced a lot to make it amazing for our camp concert. As a leader of the group I had to help put the dance together. In the middle of the dance I had a part with one of the other boys where we did an l kick which was cool. There were three judges on the concert night who would decide who won the concert they were Mr J, Mr Moran and Mrs Moala. Out of the 6 camp groups we came third which means we must have been pretty good. 

On the last day of camp we went swimming and I went to the bombing pool where we got to do some manus.

Going to camp was so much fun and we were so lucky to go, thank-you to Mr Burt and all of the teachers and helpers that made camp happen it was a camp I will never forget.

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