Wednesday, 1 August 2018

fun holidays

Do you ever wonder how to make the school holidays fun. Well let me tell you there is a couple of things you can do. First let me tell you what I do. So both of my parents go to work so when they give me a list of  chores I do them before anything.

When i finish my chores i make breakfast for me and my siblings but sometimes they all leave to
my nans. So it will just be me and an adult to watch me but when i make breakfast i make so
much that when it is lunchtime i am not hungry  

Sometimes me and my siblings like to play on the PlayStation but we only have one control. So
we all have to take turns it has to go from youngest to oldest. I am unlucky because I am the
oldest but when we are not playing on the game you are watching a movie.

But sometimes it will be a hot day so we go outside and our neighbor is always outside. we
play touch rugby even ball rush and if we a really lucky our parents will take us to the pools or to
the beach.

Is when you are playing in the mud don't go inside and make the house dirty. When you
just clean the house you want to keep it that way but I always remember to play fair because that just
makes people angry.

So there you go that is how I always have a fun holiday but if you do have siblings you must
share. I would like to thank you for reading my post .oh my Mum and dad is back thank you and have fun and have an amazing holiday.

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