Friday, 15 May 2015

Jimmy's marshmallows

On a cold cloudy night Jimmy was roasting   marshmallows on a sizzling fire. He was in the middle of a forest in a small clearing.

But then he heard a scary noise. Jimmy  thought in his head, “What was that?”  Suddenly a monster appeared out of the bush. It was so creepy with it’s sharp pointed teeth and his super duper evil eyes.

The monster started to do tricks so that Jimmy would feed him marshmallows. Soon Jimmy realised there were no more marshmallows left! The monster became evil again. Jimmy felt horrified. He had to desperately try and come up with brilliant idea. Ah ha he thought! Jimmy ran to his tent and tried defend himself with his pillow!

The monster thought the pillow was a giant marshmallow. Jimmy threw the pillow with all his strength. The monster fetched the pillow and Jimmy ran away into the forest as fast as he could!  The monster went over to the bonfire because he wanted to roast the ‘marshmallow.’ When the monster held the pillow over the fire, it burnt to ashes.

Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

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