Friday, 1 May 2015

Jaylim immersion assembly

Yesterday on a cold  morning  Pt england school had an immersion assembly in the school hall. We were going to discover what we will be learning about this term. Room 11 and 12 walked nicely  in a line to the hall.
The leaf blower lifted up Mr Somerville off the ground. Mr Barks asked for a helper to try the hovercraft, Mr Somerville went to be the helper. He jumped on the hovercraft and gilded across the stage.

Team 4 made a  superhero  video game it was really cool.  Team 4’s superhero game was really funny because Mr Somerville got defeated by Mrs Jacobsen and her fish.     
Yes  because  i wanted   for someone to  test the hovercraft yes because it   well be so fun.

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