Friday, 4 May 2018

the first day of school

On the first day of school me and my friends were so excited because we just got back from the holidays we have not seen each other for two weeks so after we caught up we went to go see all of our lovely teachers and then we just done a normal day.

Day two we saw our friends we played some games and carried on doing our normal self but when we went to play it was so cold we ran inside and never came outside for the whole day until it was time to play and the sun came out and then we went home from school

Day three. When I got to school  there was a lot of people sick so they did not come school but i knew me and some of my friends had a rugby game at st peters so we don our warm ups and got ready but sadly we lost but we all told everyone to  keep our heads high but we all said ‘’ we done good for 1 training’’ .

Day four we done a normal day but people were still sick we prayed for them and we were surprised to see someone who is sick.

Day five in the morning we all went to the assembly that we have every friday with our principal and our prefects the talk about what we can do to keep our school nice and clean at pt england school.     

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