Tuesday, 17 October 2017

jaylim immersion assembly

On Monday the 16 of October the start of term 4 it was a cloudy day and every one came to the hall for an immersion assembly. The assembly is something where the entire school comes to see what we are doing and what is the theme for term 4 we chose a different one every year.

The school theme is musical madness which is about music and my team might be making our own drums and musical items like a guitar this term is going to be so fun. The other team is going to be making some songs of their own like making a new beat and a new lyrics they are so lucky.  

The team 4 movie was so funny they were in a car driving around and the teachers switched seats and switched songs it went from rock to jazz and frozen to hip hop it is so cool i can't wait for the items we are about to do.

I hope to learn about all of the other musical instruments and all of the different songs threw out the year like 1988 to 2017 how do they change like do they go to reggae to hip hop to slow dancing songs who knows.

I think that this is my best term i have ever had i can't wait until i am year 7 it is going to be so cool can’t wait if u want more writing i would love for u to check my blog i will see u next time buy.

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