Thursday, 1 September 2016

P.E.S Olympics

  1. Who cheated and why it was cheating. How I felt about the cheating.

On Tuesday morning room 9 we walked to the breeze paired up we had to go on our hands and then we had to try crawl well some people were in the wheelbarrow. It was so unfair because the wheelbarrow is much faster than our hands and when I lost I was  so upset. And why it was cheating is because the wheelbarrow was using technology  some of the people when they're hand got tired they started to lay down and gets dragged by their  partner.  And it was unfair because some of the people worked hard for this and some other people just try and cheat to get the gold medal Well author people were working for it.         

On Tuesday i came in class and i saw a wheelbarrow.I was thinking we were gonna have a race.Mr bax said put your Chromebooks on the table and we went out side and we went in the breeze there was crammer.

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