Monday, 4 April 2016

The Wild Night

On tuesday night me and my friends were walking to our tenit and when we went inside the tenit water starter to drop down our back it was so cold our feet was soaking wet inside. the tent so me and my friends made our beds and tried to fall asleep as we were we heard a zipping noise so we grabbed out our some weapons and got ready to attack.  

But then it was just Mr Somervell telling us to come to the library but some people didn't come to the library  they stayed in there tents and nothing happened to them and there was. wind blowing over tents and even blowing over trees and one tree land on a tents but my tent it survived and some other ones but i don't like my tent cause kladen keep on farting.

But Now A keeped on snoring so I slapped him with plow so I slapped his bum with a plate and the I did a eeg fart in Nowa and kadans face and the they used my deodorant.
And then we all tried to go back to sleep but some people keep on farting and one of them was Kadan tony Nowa And lepa and me.

It was an adventurous week but I can not wait until camp next year. I hope you enjoyed my  story. The end.

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