Monday, 29 February 2016

crocodile attack

At  midnight jordan was so very  hungry but there was nothing to eat. So then he got his fishing rod ready and the boat ready and went to the lake.

when he pulled up a fish a 3 meter crocodile jumped up out of the water . And then the crocodile tried to bit a hole in his bot with his serape tee but Jordan stayed strong i scared the crocodile swimming back to it’s home but there was still a hole in the boat and Jordan Jordan just got back to land but there was still not that much to eat.

So he tried the pacific ocean he cote 10 snapper  15 kings for his 3 kids jaylim viliami and Devonian.  And the when his kids turn 10 Jordan said he well take his kids fishing so when they went fishing they all cort  1 snaper each and then after the they loved fishing the end

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