Wednesday, 25 November 2015


One early morning  on Friday the whole school had athletics day and we had to split up  into 4 groups.   The groups were blue red yellow and green. The  yellow group  always comes first because of Kurtas. When it was my turn I was so nervous my was pounding. When the clapper went I burst off running. Then when the siren rang we had to rotate our next activity was high jump.

At high jump you have to jump so high and land over the pole. I concentrated to run on the spots and onto the mattress. Kurtas, Awathan and Leiite made It into the finals. When Kurtas jumped up high it was like he was a bird. When Awthan did not make it he was still happy because he tried his best. Leiite didn't make it as well . Kurtas came first, Awathan came second and Leiite cam third. I felt so happy .

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