Thursday, 22 October 2015

Jaylim immersion assembly

On Monday the first day back at School we all had an immersion assembly, so when the bells rang we all had to line  up to walk to the hall’ to have a immersion assembly.   We welcome  everybody back to  school when we went to the hall, we had to sit for a very, very long time.

Team 1 had a karaoke challenge and Marika won,  the prize was a trip to the zoo with team 1, the song they were singing was Roar by Katy Perry.

Team 2 had a movie where they were being chased by dinosaurs they looked so terrified but they managed to adapt to survive so they didn't get eaten by dinosaurs.

Team 3 was about dinosaurs as well, but we had dancing dinosaurs.  Mr Moran was the funniest because his dinosaur name was muscle osaurus and he danced so crazy.

Team 4 was about guessing places where they were like in a jungle, next to a river and under water next to sharks.  Mr Sommerville told them to dance ‘so they won't attack but they

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  1. Hi Jayilm i like your store about team 3 and about you saiding that mr Moran was called muscle osaurus and i like how you saided that you tolded me about Mr sommerville that you told me that if you don,t dance you will not get attack bye thank you for you cool store i hope you do some cool thing like some thing cool like making a cool or doing things with your friends so be cool and stop think and do the right thing so do good at the test and be good have a pretty cool day today if you don,t just stop think and do bye do good at the test bye Jayillm good day have a pretty cool day and have fun with you friends bye