Friday, 19 June 2015

the lighthouse

High on a hill above the village stood a lighthouse. Its beams of light where a warming for ships to stay away. There were treacherous rocks below.

The people that lived in the village were celebrating. The lighthouse keeper was an old solitary man, he slammed the window with annoyance. Suddenly he heard a weird, clicking noise, then the whole lighthouse plunged into darkness.

The lighthouse  keeper looked out the window and there was a big boat coming towards the headlands. The lighthouse keeper thought to himself “If I don’t stop the boat, the people will be hurt and it will be all my fault.” Then, he had a solution and the villagers had the same solution! They came marching up the hill with their lamps in hand and the lighthouse keeper  was so happy that he cried. They managed to surround the whole lighthouse so that the boat could see the rocks and swerve around them.

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