Wednesday, 5 December 2018

what I enjoyed this year and what i am looking forward to next year

Make a copy then begin your planning:

  1. List all the things you have been involved with this year
    1. Sports teams?  year 7 and 8 team
    2. Leadership roles?  i was a year 7 prefect
    3. Special events? prize giving
    4. Literacy/Math groups.  Inquiry/topic groups.

  1. Choose 2 which you thoroughly enjoyed, explain why maths because it is hard and i like a challenge and inquiry because i like being creative  and since i like a challenge that is the reason why i like math and not literacy if it was a bit harder i would like literacy 

  1. Choose 2 that you didn’t enjoy as much, explain why literacy because the work is not to hard and topic because every thing we do i have already learned by that i mean i have done it every year so that is why i don’t like it

4. Special mention/thanks?  Do you have specific people or groups you’d like to acknowledge from you time in Pt England?  

I would like to say thank you to my kapa haka teacher because she is so nice and kind and even when things are thought she still push thru she is a warrior just like me and i would like to say thank you to my teachers for teaching me this year i can’t wait for next year

5. 2019: What are you looking forward to next year? Being   What are you anxious about? What will you do to help you get through difficult times in the class, playground, with your peers?

I am looking forward to being year 8 and being leaders of the school but i am anxious about seeing if i get picked to be prefect and the way i will get thru the difficult times is ask for help when i am stuck and drink a lot of water

6. Sign off: What’s a neat sentence or phrase you’d like to sign off with?  One of our Team 5 sayings? Mr Burt Korero?
I would like to remind everyone be in the right place at the right time with the right attitude that is the saying do all of those things and you will be ok.  

the highlighted colours is the ones i wrote

WALT: we are learning to explain our feelings

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

what is a solid liquid an gas ?

Today the 4th of December my class was looking at particles in a solid liquid and gas so we learned how
solids are stuck together and can not move for example ice  the ice is a solid because it does not move
as much as water but if you give the ice heat it turns into water.

Water is something everyone and everything needs it is everywhere it is in nature but the particles in
water is connected but they are loose because a solids particles is stuck together and they don’t move
but the water particles are together but not stuck so the go over each other.

If you give heat to water you make gas hot air the gas particle is not connected at all so when the water
gets heat the gas particles can run away it is like they have more energy a solid has very little energy
then a liquid has a bit more energy so it can move around more and then gas has the most energy out
of all of them because it is like they are running away.       

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Under the tree

It was a beautiful day I decided to go and hang out at the park.Then in the corner of my eye I spot the
most beautiful spot to have some alone time. So I got a book and went to sit down under the beautiful
tree that I saw.

But when I went to go and start reading a girl came up to me and said “ hi can i sit here” . I said to her “
yea sure” she wanted her alone time to so unlike me she was writing I was reading so I asked her what
are you writing about she stared at me not saying anything it felt so awkward so she decided to leave.

She ran off without any second thoughts but she left her thing that looks like her diary but when i went looking for her she was nowhere in sight so i was so curious to what she was writing i had a little read of what she was writing and then it looked like she was writing about me and i was so shocked to see that someone i don't even know actually know more stuff that i knew about myself.


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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Hunted house

Image result for haunted houseOne scary Halloween night  me and my friends were going to a Halloween party.  
Then we walked past a scary house. We kept staring at the haunted house and then my
friend had an idea to ring the doorbell for some candy and when he was walking we had shivers
down our spins but we still rang the doorbell and when we did there was an intense bit on wind
that flew at us.

The door open so slow and when it opened it sounded scary we took one step in and we heard
voices saying get out NOW you are not welcome here, but  we just kept on walking we walked
around the house. It smelt old and smelt like dead people were in there.

My friend walk in a small room and saw a shadow he was so frightened he came where we were
and told us there was a shadows everywhere around us and it was whistling then the house
started shaking and more sounds started getting closer and closer then we started running out
of the house we ran left right left right then we all started screaming and we tried to find a way
out but one of our friends got pulled back so we went in to save him........

written by Jaylim and Kalita

What we do in our maths time ?

WALT we are learning how to learn maths equations
we have to learn how to figure out hard equations that we had in our test it was hard but we still did it even if it was hard.