Thursday, 18 October 2018

The Sistine Chapel

Jaylim Co-ordinates

What are the co-ordinates of these objects?

Write down what you can see at the co-ordinates given below:
  1. (7,5) = Elephant
  2. (9,5) = Island
  3. (5,3) = Gate
  4. (2,3) = Hill / Mountain
  5. (7,1) = Tree
  6. (3,3) = Tower
  7. (4,2) = Brick Wall
  8. (1,1) = Octopus

The words can be used in a special way to find the coordinates of the buried treasure. Can you work out where it is?
(X,Y). (EIGHT,TWO) or (x8,y2). Lighthouse

Extension: Could you give directions to the octopus so it can get to the elephant?

Go Up to (1,5) Across to (7,5) = Elephant (EIGHT,TWO) (x8,y2)

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Attitude talk

Today the 17 of October Toni attitude came to P.E.S he was talking to us about how puberty is a big thing
in our life we learned how it can help us and how change is good and how puberty has an effect in our
life . I also learned that how healthy eating is a healthy body and it will stop you from getting pimples and he said
“ you will grow hair everywhere “. He also made it so entertaining so everyone enjoyed it so that was a
good thing.

This is what I do in the holidays

One day in the holidays my friend Terry came to see me and he
said to me “ Jaylim do you want to come and train “ I said ‘’
yeah sure i will meet you at the park “  

part 1 :
So when we got there he was telling me come first we must
stretch so we don’t pull a muscle so we started at our ankles
and worked our way up to our shoulders then we went for a jog
the jog was approximately 1 km so not to long. Because I ran 3
km at cross country .

Part 2 :    
Then we done ball skills so how I carried the ball he says “run
at me your hardest and I will try and tackle you’’ I was to
scared to run my hardest because he is smaller than me but I
knew he could tackle me so I still ran my hardest and just as I
thought he tackled me.

Part 3 :
Then he said “ I can run but i can teach you to step” I said sure
I would like to learn how to step. So he shows me one of his
hardest steps.  Can we do a simple one so he shows me the
easiest one in his opinion. So I say “i can learn this it don’t look
that hard “ but when I go and try to attempt the step before you
know it I am on the ground lying flat on my back .

Conclusion : so I said i will keep practising so I would not stop
until I learned the step and finally I finished learning how to do
the step. That is the   

WALT : I am learning how to explain what I done      

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

mathematical knowledge

WALT: apply our mathematical knowledge in range of contexts

Jaylim kiwi kids news

Queensland are State of Origin rugby league champions again after crushing New South Wales 52 points
to queensland and 6 points for new south  in the decider in Brisbane.
The Maroons dominated the first half, scoring three tries to none. They had 65 percent of possession and led 22-2 at the break.The second half was much of the same as the Maroons quickly kept out to a 28-2 lead.
Queensland were aggressive in defence, but New South Wales were their own worst enemies also, giving
away cheap penalties and dropping the ball far too often before the 52,000 crowd.It is the most points Queensland have scored in an Origin match and it is their biggest winning margin.
New South Wales beat Queensland in State of Origin


On Wednesday the teachers in new Zealand is going on a strike. The reason why they are going on
strike is because they have to tell how important the student are and how the teachers,need to teach
the kids more work. Also we should give teachers less paper work so they can actually teach the kids
what they need to learn. Or else when the children comes to school and they looked on the site there’s
no work on there, and they will look at the teacher and will be so confused why the teacher didn’t do any
work for them.

When it’s like children when they need help a lot and there's only one teacher there but it’s hard maybe
going on strike will make them have more time probably they will also get extra paid Why the teachers
are going on strike because

resources and assistive technology the child will need
how parents and whānau can support learning at home
Find out how to apply for funding to provide your child with a teacher’s aide who'll work with them in the
classroom to help them learn Abouts what going on strike means.